Dayz servers

#1 Dayz PvE server on Chernarus map

  • - A lot of events from the administration
  • - Bitcoin farming and Animal farm
  • - War zones with dangerous bots
  • - Trader, exclusive weapons and armor
  • - Detailed quest system
  • - Advanced building and defense items

#2 Dayz PvP server on Namalsk map

  • - Weapon modifications are installed on the server
  • - A large selection of mod equipment
  • - Variety of cars
  • - The ability to add a friend to a party (group)
  • - There are accessories for storing things on the server

#3 Dayz PvE HARD server on Deer Isle map

  • - Tough Island Survival
  • - Loot Fighting at Military Facilities
  • - Advanced Build
  • - Navigation between islands using a raft
  • - A terrifying predator inside the bunker


Server update

We fixed some bugs, added a lot of new things to make it more interesting for you to play!

Race for prizes on powerful sports cars on the Crazy Dayz Hard PVE server

On the Hard PVE server, unusual competitions took place - car races!

Hard PVE on the DeerIsle!

Friends! We are finally ready to present you the second PVE server. (fully pve). You can find a trader on the map. There are bunkers and teleportation sites on the islands, good luck exploring!

"Easter" Event

The Easter event will last until Monday

Rough survival in a post-apocalyptic world

Crazy Dayz Best server in the world

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about Crazy Dayz project

You can download Dayz for free right now!

We have created a cool project and invite you to plunge into the world of post-apocalypse.

PvE server on Chernarus map:

  • - Lots of admin events
  • - Bitcoin Farm and Animal Farm
  • - Military zones with dangerous bots
  • - Merchant, exclusive weapons and armor
  • - Well-developed quest system
  • - Extended building and defense items

PvP server on Chernarus map:

  • - Weapon mods installed on the server
  • - Large selection of mod equipment
  • - Variety of cars
  • - Ability to add a friend to a party (group)
  • - To store things on the server there are accessories

Survival server on DeerIsle map:

  • - Harsh Island Survival
  • - Fight for loot at military facilities
  • - Extended building
  • - Moving between islands using a raft
  • - Terrifying predator inside the bunker

Cool team Crazy Dayz

Project admins are a team of dedicated professionals.



Main admin


Event Master




Launcher Master